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Ali Sami Palaz

Written Opinion

Dear Children Rights Advocates,

The advocacy of human rights begins with the advocacy of child rights. 

The World Children Delegacy will be run by child members and child rights rapporteurs of the countries. For that purpose, we are planning to take the opinions of children and adults world wide in the period between January and December 2020. At the end of that period, a governance model will be established, children and adults that will be acting on behalf of the countries will be selected and commissioners of the World Children Delegacy will have been set. 

Along with your opinions and advices for the sake of World Children Delegacy, we think that duties will be fulfilled for children with children. Open end questions prepared to that end is provided below. 

With the hopes of fulfilling the duties of World Children Delegacy…

    First Question

    Do you think this definition is sufficient? If not, can you please state your opinions

    Some of the basic principles proposed for the World Children Delegation are as follow:

    1. Every child is a natural member of the World Children Embassy.
    2. In every child-related duty, child opinion is the most essential.
    3. Advocacy of “human” rights starts with the advocacy of “child” rights.
    4. Child-related duty and tasks are undertaken on the basis of human rights and respect for human dignity.
    5. Against the abuses of rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Child Rights Convention, European Convention on the Exercise of Children’s Rights and all other international children rights documents are taken into consideration.
    6. The guiding principle of World Children Delegacy is “volunteering”.
    7. World Children Delegacy is not a representative or part of any state, non-governmental organization or commercial structure. Delegacy has an independent, objective and supra-institutional identity.

    Question Two
    Would you suggest any other principles?

    For the World Children Delegacy, activities proposed are as follow:

    Domains of Activity

    1. Advocacy of child rights
    2. Child rights trainings for children and adults
    3. Monitoring rights abuses and positioning against them.
    4. Observing and reporting
    5. Developing a child policy
    6. Conciliation and solution proposals
    7. EProviding child opinion on efficient web sites and other domains
    8. Working in a multidimensional way as to take the opinions of children in as many languages as possible and making these opinions available and accessible

    Third Question
    Could you write down other activities that you might suggest?

    Fourth Question
    We would be pleased if you could write down your ideas on the administrative model of World Children Delegacy under the light of questions below.

    Could you let us know your suggestions regarding the administrative model of World Children Delegacy?

    What are the criteria that need be looked at in child and adult commissioner and rapporteurs?

    What should be the method for the selection of child and adult commissioners?

    Since the World Children Delegacy will have the status of an association, what should be the method for the establishment of organs, and the selection of child and adult members?

    How should be the country delegations formed and how should be the relations between them and the center?

    What should be the methods and ways for the establishment of delegations in other countries (on the condition of concordance of laws in different countries)?

    How should the relations between the World Children Delegacy and other international institutes?

    How should the World Children Delegacy be positioned vis-a-vis the ones who want to make donations, or provide fiscal support? For example, what would your opinion be for a clause such as “no governmental agency or commercial structure can provide support to the World Children Delegacy”?


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