World Children’s Embassy

Ali Sami Palaz

Written Opinion

    Dear Friends,

    Everything that happens in our home, school, city, country and the world concerns children. However, involvement of children in individual decisions and their views given due weight in all matters affecting them are not embraced and children's participation is not ensured.

    UNICEF reports highlights that the children’s own points of view in 30 years since the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) that was adopted in November 1989, were simply not taken into consideration: Very few opinions of the child are taken into account and very few opinions are recognized.

    World Children’s Embassy will be established to ensure the participation of children, taking into account their opinions and suggestions, and to develop and monitor children's rights, identify problems and develop solutions. Children who will be chosen from the world countries will make their voices heard. Adults to take part here will guide to ensure that children’s voices are heard. Besides, they will have the opportunity to express their own views that will contribute to the best interests of children. Because both the permanent members of World Children’s Embassy and their spokespersons are children.

    World Children’s Embassy, which will carry out activities by focusing on the views of children, will be structured by considering children's opinions. For this purpose, between January and December 2020; children will be able to share their views on key issues such as the purpose of World Children’s Embassy, ​​its principles, activities and how they want to manage the embassy.

    Based on the management model determined at the end of these studies, child and adult ambassadors who will serve on behalf of the countries will be selected, and names that will take part in World Children’s Embassy administration will be specified. Thus the opinion you would provide for World Children’s Embassy is very significant and valuable.

    We have prepared quite a few questions you can answer. If you find these questions inadequate, you can explain your opinion. Ask new questions you value to improve the project.

    We’re looking forward to working together in the children's projects of World Children’s Embassy…

    For the Child View

    (up to the age of 18)

    We made a preliminary preparation for the purpose of World Children’s Embassy:

    First question

    Do you think this purpose is sufficient? If not, please write the subjects you think missing or provide your own suggestion?

    World Children’s Embassy will take a child-centered view on every issue that concerns the child and prioritizes the child's opinion; child views will be made recognized and accessible; it sets out to create an international scale institutional structure in which adults will work for the best interest and for the well-being of children in the world, for children, together with children,on the basis of respect for the child.

    We have prepared some guiding principles that lead us in every pace of World Children’s Embassy:

    1. Every child is a natural member of World Children’s Embassy.
    2. In each project related to the child, it is essential to get the opinion of the child first. Any decision (regardless of country difference) without any convincing explanation about the opinion of the child and the assessment of the child's opinion is incomplete.
    3. World Children’s Embassy is not a representative of any government, non-governmental organization or commercial organization. The embassy has an independent, impartial and supra-institutional character.

    Second question
    What are the principles you will propose?

    Third Question
    Some activities proposed for World Children’s Embassy are as follows:

    1. To work for the development of effective and realistic methods of getting the opinions of children
    2. Providing child rights education
    3. Monitoring, observing and reporting studies to reveal violations of rights faced by children
    4. To held mediation process to end violations of child rights

    Can you write the activities that you suggested to be planned?

    Fourth Question
    How would you like to be the administrative model of World Children Delegacy. For instance, can there be a board with equal number of child and adult members? Do you prefer a model managed only by children and adults advise them? Could you write your own administrative model proposal?


    Other Informations:

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